Which cap construction should you choose?

Wig hair is attached to a cap, which sits on your head and may clip onto your hair. Wig caps are made of several different materials and come in a few different styles. The one you choose will depend on what you’re looking for in a wig style and what you can afford.

  • Wefted (a.k.a “traditional” and “open” caps): 100% wefted caps are generally the least expensive because there are no hand-knotted features and tend to be the least natural. They always have permatease at the base to help hide the wefts and create volume for the hair. Wefts tend to provide better ventilation for the scalp.
  • Monofilament: A monofilament cap uses a thin, transparent polyester mesh to hold the hairs, which are hand tied to the fabric. This type of wig cap lets you part your hair how you like. There are single monofilament and double monifilament caps. Single monofilament will only have one layer of material which the hair is tied onto. Double monofilament caps have two layers of material, one layer which the hair is tied onto and another soft layer covering those knots which provides comfort against the scalp.
  • Lace front: In a lace front wig, the wig’s hair is attached to a fine mesh lace cap. Most lace fronts are ready-to-wear with no trimming necessary, such as the SmartLace offered by Jon Reanu, while others may require trimming. The benefit of a lace front is that it creates the appearance of a natural hairline. The sheer lace blends with the wearer’s skin/scalp.
  • Hand-tied: Also called full-lace wigs, hand-tied wigs are generally the most expensive because because each strand of hair is knotted onto the full cap, from lace front to the remainder of the cap. They are considered to be the most comfortable and natural looking and the best option for people with complete hair loss.
  • French Drawn: This design offers the most natural appearance hair growth from the scalp because the knots of the hand-tied hair are hidden between the layers of swiss lace and glass silk. Like monofilament tops, French drawn tops allow you to part your hair how you like.
  • Evolution: Best for those with complete hair loss because the strategically placed silicon inside the cap grips onto the scalp. This design is fully hand-tied as well with each hair knotted onto the full cap. The unfinished swiss lace front allows you to trim to your desired hairline and use with adhesive.