What style of wig do you prefer?

What style of wig do you prefer? Wigs are available in many different styles and colors to suit any look. Choose one that is flattering and makes you feel confident and attractive. For the most natural look, choose a wig in the texture and color of your natural hair or the hair of your close family members (like parents or siblings). For a more daring look or a look that is more individualized, choose whatever style you like the best. An experienced wig seller can help you choose a flattering, stylish wig.

  • Texture: Wigs and hair pieces are available in many textures to mimic the natural hair of people of different backgrounds. For example, you can purchase a wig with straight, wavy or curly hair types. The texture of natural hair wigs depends on their source, typically Indonesia, India, China and Europe. Hair from China has the thickest strands and is very straight and harder to curl. Hair from Indonesia is the most common and affordable and its texture varies from slightly wavy to curly. Hair from India is thinner than hair from China or Indonesia, but still has a bit of texture or wave. Hair from Europe or South America has the thinnest strands; because it is harder to find, it is quite expensive.
  • Haircut: The haircut and style of your wig is mostly personal preference, but there are a few general guidelines to keep in mind. Choose the style of wig before choosing the color, since most styles are available in specific colors that are unique to their particular brand. A wig will look most natural to people who know you if it is in a similar haircut and style to how you would normally wear your hair. If you’re not worried about that, you might choose a style based on what looks best with your face shape. Human hair wigs can be cut and styled just like natural hair. People with medical conditions that make them tire easily or those who don’t have much spare time might want a cut that requires little daily styling.
  • Color: You can choose a wig in nearly any natural hair color, including shades of black, brown, blonde, red and gray and also in several designer modern shades like lilac or blue-black. Natural hair wigs are most commonly made from black or dark brown hair that is stripped of its color and dyed, so there may be some color fading over time. Keep in mind that your wig will look most natural if you choose one in your natural shade and texture. If you have naturally curly, red hair, a curly, red wig will appear more natural than a straight, black one.
  • Baby hairs: Some wigs include shorter, fine hair along the hairline or all around the periphery of the wig. These hairs, known as “baby hairs,” are intended to mimic the growth of natural hair around the face and can be gelled or styled with the rest of the wig. Baby hairs around the wig’s periphery make it possible to wear the wig in a ponytail or bun with a more natural appearance. Most wigs do not have baby hairs, but some specialty wigs do, especially those made for women of color.